Angry Birds 2 hack Gems and Coins


Angry Birds 2 will not leave anyone indifferent, the game allows not only to pass level after level, but also to fight with other players in the arena, showing their skills.

The essence of the game has not changed: the pigs stole their eggs from the birds, and the player destroys the buildings of the pigs by squirting birds from a slingshot. The developers please the users with the appearance of a new Serebryanka bird, the ability of which is “dead loop” with an immediate fall down. red bird) learned to scream at objects scattering them.

The graphics improved noticeably, there were more details and interesting animations appeared. For example, at the beginning of the level you can see how the pig structures appear, and after being hit by a pig bird and fragments of buildings fly towards your screen.
Now the player chooses in what order to launch the birds, but before they were launched in the order of a certain queue. At Angry Birds 2 you can fill the pigs with a bunch of gold ducks, turn their buildings into ice, burn the pig that will lead to its explosion or to launch a mighty eagle, which will destroy the buildings. This can be done with the help of new spells. Spells will appear during the game.
Spells and birds are shown on cards (at the same time you have three cards from the entire deck). After a certain game process, you will be given a new card, I usually get the same as the last one I used.

If you fail to complete a level, you can start it first by paying money (real) or gems that are earned during the game. If there are not enough gems, the level starts first with a loss of life. There are only five lives and they are restored in time.
At Angry Birds 2 after the 25th level there is an opportunity to play against friends or people from all over the world. It is necessary to shoot birds at the enemy until they are finished, the one who scores more points wins. Victory in the tournament is given a currency called “black pearl” (you can still get it by winning daily tasks), with its help you can improve your slingshot. And for competing with each other, they give feathers with which you can improve your birds.

Cheat Codes for Angry Birds 2

Gems – MfjIdlPfnhFQQ

Money – KdigYdOFhd

A tournament in the arena lasts a week, and upon completion, the top three players go to the big leagues and get the opportunity to earn more points.
Try to fly the bird through fiery circles, it will give you extra points for which you can get crystals, or not get it.) So much that is waiting for us in the game is a lot of adventure, quests for competitions and many quests. The game is really fundamentally different from the first part, not only the graphics, tasks, competition of players, new animals, birds who like the new world with a new life style.

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