Choices: Stories You Play (Diamonds, Keys)


I think each of us dreamed of once to be the focus of some history. Become a knight, detective or student who is looking for his love. It is in the game Choices: Stories You Play  from the developer Pixelberry Studios, where you can become the main character of one of the stories, such an opportunity is available. Much depends on your choice. One wrong choice and you can become a villain or lose a loved one. In this world, it is you who choose how things will go on. Become the one who will decide your fate and other heroes.

The game Choices: Stories You Play is divided into three parts, in which you will become a knight, a detective story and a student. In the first part you need to save your kingdom from the enemy who captured it. Gather an army, create alliances and defeat the enemy in an epic battle for the kingdom. In the second part of the game Choices: Stories You Play you will become a detective who must find the killer and stop him before he gets to his new victim. The third part of the game will tell us about a student who will be surrounded by girls and you will need to choose which of them you want to meet with.

In the game itself Choices: Stories You Play there is nothing difficult. First you choose your main character. Then the game begins. You read the dialogues of your main character with other participants in the story and choose answer options. Each of your choices will influence the further development of the plot, so choose wisely and wisely. After all, your choice will depend not only on your storyline, but also on other heroes of the story. The game has a paid content that will allow you to increase the possibilities in the game and help in the promotion of the plot.

The game Choices: Stories You Play received a lot of positive feedback from critics and has become a very popular game among fans of life simulators. And that’s not all, this is just the beginning. With each update, new stories will be added. Which will increasingly immerse you because of their non-standard plot twists. Many dialogues and choices of storylines and much more, all this awaits you ahead. Become the one who creates the destinies of others and your destiny with them in the game Choices: Stories You Play!

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