Hangry Shark Evolution Cheats for Gems and Coins


Hangry Shark Evolution is a rather interesting and exciting game in which you are a shark. And you need to eat small fish, but you can also sit down. You need to be on guard to beware of other predators, mines, jellyfish, and other things that it tries to kill you. Evolve and stay alive is the motto of the game. At Hangry Shark Evolution there is no plot, you write the plot and decide who to sit down. But in the game Hangry Shark Evolution you can not only evolve into other types of sharks, which of course are bigger and stronger. Sea accessories caps, hairstyles that give a percentage of some shark abilities, but also make it fun.

This is all you can buy in the store. And how everything in life is bought for coins that are earned for completing a mission. The game’s graphics Hangry Shark Evolution top-level realistic splashes, fish, sharks, and other details fascinating underwater world. The diversity of heroes is also large-scale, from a small shark to an eater of all living things, who practically have nothing to stop eating around. Well, except for torpedoes and helicopters). but first you need to pump and grow what gems will help to make which are more valuable than coins, they get from a certain fish, pink.

Acceleration, speed and bite, these parameters will help to reach the next shark at Hangry Shark Evolution, but not only can it help in development, there are also nice daily bonuses that speed up the process of reaching the next shark.
In the course of the cathedral collection of famous predators, the locations, colorful and funny missions to destroy all living and nonliving will change. The game is also equipped with unique sharks with abilities
For example, electric shark-ability electric shock well or icy – with icy breathing, well, and the robot turns mines into torpedoes, Professor Kempstein to help).\

Hangry Shark Evolution Hack and Cheat Codes

Gems – enter this Cheat Code – MdhIdlHgyMfd

Coins – MdfkY8eKMdG

You can control our shark with several options, poke a finger at the screen or with an accelerometer smartphone. You still need to get used to the management. The game is saved as follows. If your gadget is connected to the Internet, all game achievements will be saved in the cloud. If the network is not connected – save the game will be stored in the memory of the smartphone. The game has a table of records in which personal records are preserved and you can see which of the players coped better than you, well, or worse in a particular mission.

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