Kingdom Rush (Gold)


Hordes of enemies are coming! They go with only one purpose, to destroy all people and seize your kingdom. You are the main character who can save the kingdom from the misfortunes of the Tower Defense Kingdom Rush game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and published by Armor Games in 2011. You are waiting for epic battles, massive battles, where with the help of your tactics and strategies you can win a mountain over a greedy enemy.

The plot is pretty simple. The game takes place in medieval fantasy. Enemies are on the specified route, along which are placed empty places for your buildings. Your task is to completely eliminate the threat. At Kingdom Rush you will play with the help of 4 types of towers, namely: archers’ tower, magician’s tower, barracks and artillery. Each tower can be improved, and after a certain improvement you get the opportunity to choose the improvement from the two available.

Kingdom Rush differs from other games in its epicity. The game is not only a lot of improvements to the towers, but also a huge pile of enemy types. From the usual goblins and high-speed wolves to huge ogres that can be stopped only by making great efforts. But this is not all, to pass Kingdom Rush it was easier, you will be able to call meteor shower and call the warriors who will stop the advancement of the enemy. After completing the mission, you can pass it again but at an increased level of complexity. For each completed mission you will receive the stars that are needed to improve your towers. And the most important thing in the game there are many heroes that will help you stop the enemy.

Kingdom Rush has received many positive reviews from critics. The iOS version of the game received an average rating of 89 out of 100 according to player reviews. The game won first place in the 2011 Uruguayan Video Game Competition. The game Kingdom Rush is absolutely free to download. In the game, you can speed up your passage with the help of buying gold. Become a hero and defend your kingdom in the popular game Kingdom Rush!

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