Ludo Star (Gold, crystals)


You are bored and have nothing to do, but in the list of games you didn’t like anything or you want to play with friends but you can’t find a decent game. In this case, we present you a logical multiplayer board game Ludo Star. The game is suitable for both Android and Ios. Play at home, away, at work, on the street and in other places wherever you wish. The more you play the more interesting it becomes. If you have not played board games, then it’s time to start. Break into the world of board games using Ludo Star and become king among your friends.

In Ludo Star you will encounter players from all over the world and beat them by throwing their chips back to their starting position. Roll the dice, put the chips and go to the victories. Raise your rank to show the world what you are capable of and what you stand in the game Ludo Star. Encounter board game professionals from all over the world and beat yourself to fame among them.

You can attach your Ludo Star record to Facebook and play with your friends or family. The game has many modes. You can play one-on-one or face an opponent in two-by-two mode shoulder to shoulder with your friend, or you can enter 4 players mode where everyone is alone, fight with a computer for training. Show what you are capable of and what your fortune is worth.

The game Ludo Star is free for download. The game has resources such as gold and crystals, which you can get or buy for money to improve the look of the game or add the ability to once again roll the cube with the help of crystals. Ludo Star has received many positive reviews from critics and has become a popular game among board game fans and casual players around the world. Become the king of board games in Ludo Star.

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