Plants vs Zombies 2 (Coins, Diamonds)


This is an epic continuation of the first part of Plants vs Zombies, which was released in 2009 from the studio PopCap Games and became a very popular game of that time. As in the first part, in Plants vs Zombies 2 you need to protect your hero’s brain from being attacked by zombies with the help of plants. Become a hero who will save the world from zombies, collect the sun (the main resource of the game for building plants). Build your army of plants to confront zombies led by Dr. Zomboss, who wants to capture the whole world and eat all the brains.

The plot Plants vs Zombies 2 is quite simple. Mad Dave eats up tacos, but this is not enough for our hero and to get enough of this dish again. He sets off to the past with a time machine in the form of a caravan that has artificial intelligence called Penny. But because of the malfunction of the machine, he gets into ancient Egypt, it would seem it could not be worse, but still can. Dr. Zomboss follows Mad Dave into the past, hoping to change his position, you must absolutely destroy all the zombies in ancient Egypt. After that, you will go to the pirate seas, and then to the Wild West and many more locations where new and new types of zombies will meet.

We recommend you to play the exciting game Plants vs Zombies 2 in the Tower Defense genre and plunge into the world of opposition from zombies and plants. The game Plants vs Zombies 2 has received a huge amount of positive feedback all over the world. You can become a participant in the confrontation on iOS or Android.
Become the one who will save the world from zombies with the help of plants, you are waiting for epic battles and a lot of mini-games between levels and many other in-game add-ons.

The game Plants vs Zombies 2 is absolutely free to download, but in the game itself there is an opportunity to speed up the process of the game and facilitate the passage by purchasing additional resources. But you can complete the game without any purchases. Waiting for you a huge world Plants vs Zombies 2, with a convenient and easy interface and great features. Join the confrontation of zombies and plants right now and save the world from brain eaters!

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