Plants vs. Zombies (Coins, Diamonds)


Hordes of zombies are attacking, they have broken through your fence and are already walking through the lawn to gobble up your brain. You hear the roar of the living dead and it is getting stronger. But how to protect yourself from them? Who will save you? The answer is simple, plants will save you. Yes, you did not think. That plants will be your defense in the game Plants vs. Zombies in the genre of Tower Defense from the studio PopCap Games. All you need is to simply protect your brain from being eaten, and for this you will need an army, an army of plants.

In the game Plants vs. Zombies is nothing complicated. Collect the sun (the main resource of the game) and plant plants on the lawn to protect against zombies. Before each battle, you can choose different plants. It can be like ordinary plants, and elite destroyers of zombies. You will find many epic battles in different locations and many other interesting additions. Mini-games, your own garden, where you can grow your plants and get gold from them, as well as much more.

The plot is pretty simple. Zombies led by Dr. Zomboss staged an apocalypse and want to eat your brain. But the main character is not going to give their brains to be eaten. Plants come to the aid of the hero and Mad Dave, the seller from the van. At Mad Dave you can buy a lot of different bonuses for passing the game. In the game Plants vs. Zombies you can find a huge variety of plants such as vegetables, berries, mushrooms, water and many others. But zombies are not limited to the usual variety. They have many varieties, different in protection, speed, danger to plants, and some have individual characteristics. In the game there is a change of day to night, in the daytime the sun falls from the sky to you, but not at night.

The game Plants vs. Zombies has received many good responses from numerous critics. She also received many awards, such as “Casual Game 2009” and many others. The game itself is free to download, but the game itself has diamonds (which you can buy for money), with which you can speed up the passing game. You can download the game to any device and start the game right now. Protect your brain from zombies in a game called Plants vs. Zombies !!!

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