shadow fight 2 cheats (gems and gold)

I present to your attention Shadow Fight 2 – this is a combination of Shaolin fighting game, with elements of magic and a rich assortment of weapons, ammunition, techniques and various auxiliary lotions. videos. Shadow Fight 2 has the ability to both off-line and online modes. You can go through the story alone or by increasing your skills in possession of weapons, hand-to-hand combat and spells-fight friends on the Internet and find out which one of you is the best fighter.

The plot of the game Shadow Fight 2 tells about the great warrior who had no equal. He traveled extensively around the countries and lands in search of a worthy opponent until he was at the gates of shadows. he set free demons from the other world who immediately deprived the warrior of flesh and captured his soul by making him a shadow. Since then, he wanders the earth to win the battle and imprison the freed demons and to somehow fix the mistakes he committed.

The application is pleased with a variety of modes: the storyline Shadow Fight 2 is passing enemies with an increasing level of difficulty. There are many locations in the game. Each location has its own leader and preceding fighters. To reach the leader and sometimes you will need to get some useful bun. ix in different conditions (uniforms, weapons, techniques), so that will not have time to get bored.

shadow fight 2 hack

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With each victory in Shadow Fight 2, more and more new skills, weapons, clothes, magic skills and much more will become available to you. The only downside is that the number of battles is affected by the level of energy which goes down after each fight. But after the time has elapsed, energy is automatically restored. there are currency-crystals with which you can buy items with special capabilities, magical properties and others, as well as you can restore energy and continue the battle.

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