SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Simoleons and SimCash


SimCity BuildIt game is a town-planning simulator developed specifically for Android and iOS. SimCity BuildIt is made entirely in three-dimensional graphics, where the player can rotate and scale the image. The game came out at the end of 2014 and instantly took the leading positions in all game markets. The game is free to download and supports single player mode. A nice feature of SimCity BuildIt is also support for many languages, including Russian.

During the game, you should develop your own city: from the village to the modern metropolis. The main resources of SimCity BuildIt are raw materials, which are produced in factories, and goods that are produced from raw materials in various stores. From raw materials and goods, you can already build houses and other buildings (for example, the same factories and shops). Depending on the level of life in the city, residential buildings will take on a different look: with the most contented mood, high-rise buildings take on the appearance of modern skyscrapers.

Many factors affect the standard of living in SimCity BuildIt: any buildings must be located near roads; residential buildings must be provided with electricity and water supply; not far from residential buildings, it is desirable to build shops and open parks; plants should not be in close proximity with residential buildings. The last factor is especially important, since the location of factories near houses is critical because of the possible departure of the population (people may begin to leave their homes because of the danger to their health).

SimCity BuildIt Hack for SimCash and Simoleons

Simoleons – dKfhdkldkfeo

SimCash – LdfoOdemHg

This and much more awaits you in SimCity BuildIt! Hurry up to install the game from Google Play or the App Store and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a simulator! Want to feel like a measure? Here it is possible. For your aesthetic features in SimCity BuildIt included the ability to create neighborhoods in a particular style (for example, in the style of Tokyo or London). Do not waste your time, and spend it with benefit in SimCity BuildIt!

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